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How To Fix Your Windows Registry

Windows registry is a vital portion of the Windows 95, 98, XP and NT operating systems. It is a database of sorts, keeping the configuration settings and .dat files together. A program installed in th........ Read More

Building With Windows In Mind

There is a lot to think about when designing a home, as many people simply overlook window treatments. In this article, I'm hoping to help you avoid the common pitfalls involved and help you sav........ Read More

Traditional Wood Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows are extremely popular in old and new houses in the UK and the United States. Originally sash windows were fitted to Victorian and Georgian properties. Box sash windows were traditiona........ Read More

Pop Windows In Internet Marketing:

A few years ago it seemed that every time one opened a web page one would be bombarded with offers for this or that. Pop Windows had arrived with a vengeance. As time elapsed the point was reached w........ Read More

Treating Your Windows Can Save You Money This Winter

When it comes to saving energy, it pays to conserve. American consumers pay about $25 billion annually to heat and cool air that eventually leaks to the outdoors. The collective cost for this wasted e........ Read More


In November of 1985, Microsoft Corporation introduced a new operating system named Windows as an extension of their previous system software called MS-DOS. The development of Windows came about w........ Read More

7 Great Computer User Tips - For Windows® Users Only

An Easy Performance Enhancement If you’re using the NTFS filing protocol on your system, instead of FAT32, you can get a bit more speed by disabling Windows® Indexing. The downside to this is that........ Read More

Addictive Windows Mobile Epic Journey Game

PDAMill Arvale II: Ocean of Time Review Author: There's an adventurer in every one of us. Free yours and enjoy the outstanding experience of playing Arvale II – Ocean of Time 4.0, which will b........ Read More

Spice Up Your Windows Desktop With Free Wallpapers offers a wide range of free wallpapers for adding mesmerizing effects to your desktop, all, free of cost. This site provides innumerable choices of free wallpapers. ........ Read More

Recover Deleted Email Messages In Vista Windows Mail

Outlook Express was, and by the time of this writing still is, the most popular email client by a huge margin. It's hard to overestimate the amount of support Outlook Express has received from third p........ Read More

Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 3 Of 4

Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 3 of 4 We are almost there, this is part 3 of 4. Actually it has somewhat more meat than Part 2, but once again starts trailing off towards the last few reasons ........ Read More

Screen Calendar - Windows Calendar Software

Some day you will surely forget about the important matter. Screen Calendar, a Windows 98/Me/NT/2k/XP utility that lets you add PIM like calendar just on any wallpapers. Screen Read More

How Fixing Broken Windows Can Decrease Click Fraud

There is a theory in law enforcement that goes something like this: If someone breaks a window in a building, and it isn't fixed quickly, others will soon be broken. As the evidence of neglect builds........ Read More

Boost Windows Xp Performance With Flash Memory

Have you read about Microsoft ReadyBoost technology in the press, but are disappointed it didn't make its way into Windows XP? Are you reluctant to upgrade your PC or operating system, but wish for th........ Read More

Windows Nt

Windows NT was released by Microsoft Corporation in 1993 as a successor to the previous versions of Windows. It was designed to be a powerful, high-level language based processor independent oper........ Read More


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