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Home Security

RRP $15.99

This book is a guide to Home Security not to be confused with Home Defense. Offered here are practical and relatively inexpensive ways to secure your home against an intruder but very little on defending yourself and your family after a criminal has entered your home.There is no need to spend a lot of money on commercially available security options if you have a little mechanical ability. Many things can be done by the 'do-it-yourself' homeowner that result in less expensive solutions for home security.

Security Versus Freedom?

RRP $457.99

From the viewpoint of both migration and asylum policy and the fight against terrorism, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) is a key policy area. It is also an area that poses important challenges and raises questions with regard to the preservation of fundamental freedoms. This volume looks at the emerging European Union (EU) area of freedom, security and justice at a time when key policy priorities are taking shape within the EU. Bringing together authors from different backgrounds, this volume is ideal for students and scholars of European studies, law, political science, political theory and sociology.

Homeland Security

RRP $442.99

"Homeland Security: A Documentary History" provides a rich and relevant exploration of the concept of 'homeland security' throughout the nation's history, leading up to an examination of the new Homeland Security Department and its mission and impact. This essential reference was recently selected as one of the Best Reference Works of 2005 by the New York Public Library System. The Homeland Security Department was created in 2002 and involved the largest restructuring of the federal government in over forty years. Yet American institutions and officials have responded to homeland security issues throughout the life of the nation, for example, with the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. "Homeland Security" explores the concept and challenges of homeland security through government reports, budget proposals, public affairs campaigns and press releases, speeches, testimony, and other primary sources. Themes covered include: historical homeland security issues and responses; process for creating a new executive department and changing institutions and bureaucracies; steps, major debates, and events leading up to the creation of the Department; impact on governmental institutions and employees, such as Congress and its committees and structure, federal and state bureaucracies, and civil servants; budgetary implications at the federal and state levels; challenges and ramifications for citizens and civil liberties; and missions and goals, such as aviation and border security, crisis planning, and citizen preparedness. Supplemented with a chronology, print and web resource list, and an index, "Homeland Security" is unique in exploring historical antecedents as well as the Department's impact on political institutions and the ways Americans live and govern. It is perfect for undergraduates in political science and journalism programs, AP Social Studies students, and public library patrons.

Kentucky Home Place

RRP $8.80

" Kentucky Home Place tells of eight generations of the fictitious Boyd Family, whose story begins in 1799 with a Western Kentucky land claim and continues through the present. The Boyds work hard to keep the family farm, facing their daily tasks with hope and determination. As a member of the family tells her grandson, ""The farm is special because it is our family home and the home of those who came before us. It is important for every person to know who they are and where they came from.""

Security In A Changing World

RRP $332.99

The end of the Cold War has brought about significant changes in the political, economic, social, and cultural structure of the international system. Absent a distinct enemy and the threat of global thermonuclear war, the United States today faces a host of new security challenges that require policymakers to make difficult decisions with significant domestic and international implications. The range of conflicting goals, expectations, and capabilities demands fresh solutions to international conflicts and civil unrest, new strategies for conducting peace support operations, and the preparation of America's forces for completing operational assignments under increasingly uncertain conditions.

The case studies and exercises constructed for this book examine some of the most pertinent management, leadership, and accountability issues related to U.S. national security. Each case places readers at the center of difficult decisions, illustrates more general policy dilemmas, and is designed to stimulate discussion of those issues beyond the classroom. Cases highlight dilemmas at two levels: pertaining specifically to the case and pertaining to its larger policy implications. The absence of a one-sided argument, specific policy recommendations, or logical conclusions, enables readers to recognize the importance of the issues at hand and their greater policy implications and to discern lessons that might apply more generally to public policy, administration, and management. Particularly useful in courses dealing with national security, international relations, public/policy administration, civil-military relations, and organizational management. An instructor's manual is available upon request.


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