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Security Versus Freedom?

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From the viewpoint of both migration and asylum policy and the fight against terrorism, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) is a key policy area. It is also an area that poses important challenges and raises questions with regard to the preservation of fundamental freedoms. This volume looks at the emerging European Union (EU) area of freedom, security and justice at a time when key policy priorities are taking shape within the EU. Bringing together authors from different backgrounds, this volume is ideal for students and scholars of European studies, law, political science, political theory and sociology.

Critical Infrastructure Protection In Homeland Security

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"...excellent for use as a text in information assurance or cyber-security courses...I strongly advocate that professors...examine this book with the intention of using it in their programs." (Computing, March 22, 2007)

"The book is written as a student textbook, but it should be equally valuable for current practitioners...this book is a very worthwhile investment." (Homeland Security Watch, August 17, 2006)

While the emphasis is on the development of policies that lead to successful prevention of terrorist attacks on the nation’s infrastructure, this book is the first scientific study of critical infrastructures and their protection. The book models the nation’s most valuable physical assets and infrastructure sectors as networks of nodes and links. It then analyzes the network to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the sector combining network science, complexity theory, modeling and simulation, and risk analysis.

The most critical components become the focus of deeper analysis and protection. This approach reduces the complex problem of protecting water supplies, energy pipelines, telecommunication stations, Internet and Web networks, and power grids to a much simpler problem of protecting a few critical nodes. The new edition incorporates a broader selection of ideas and sectors and moves the mathematical topics into several appendices.

Homeland Security

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"Homeland Security: A Documentary History" provides a rich and relevant exploration of the concept of 'homeland security' throughout the nation's history, leading up to an examination of the new Homeland Security Department and its mission and impact. This essential reference was recently selected as one of the Best Reference Works of 2005 by the New York Public Library System. The Homeland Security Department was created in 2002 and involved the largest restructuring of the federal government in over forty years. Yet American institutions and officials have responded to homeland security issues throughout the life of the nation, for example, with the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. "Homeland Security" explores the concept and challenges of homeland security through government reports, budget proposals, public affairs campaigns and press releases, speeches, testimony, and other primary sources. Themes covered include: historical homeland security issues and responses; process for creating a new executive department and changing institutions and bureaucracies; steps, major debates, and events leading up to the creation of the Department; impact on governmental institutions and employees, such as Congress and its committees and structure, federal and state bureaucracies, and civil servants; budgetary implications at the federal and state levels; challenges and ramifications for citizens and civil liberties; and missions and goals, such as aviation and border security, crisis planning, and citizen preparedness. Supplemented with a chronology, print and web resource list, and an index, "Homeland Security" is unique in exploring historical antecedents as well as the Department's impact on political institutions and the ways Americans live and govern. It is perfect for undergraduates in political science and journalism programs, AP Social Studies students, and public library patrons.


RRP $335.99

The terms historically used to describe them include "bums," "hoboes," "migrants," "street people," "transients," "tramps," and "vagrants." Just as varied as the words we have used to describe them are the reasons many people have found themselves living in the land of opportunity without permanent residence. The book considers homelessness and its distinctive character in three periods of American history: the era of tramps and hoboes in the late 1800s-early 1900s, the era of transients and migrants in the 1930s, and the era of homeless and "street" people in the last 40 years. It clarifies the multiple meanings of the word "homeless" today and demonstrates that homelessness is a symptom of more than one problem, leading to confusion about the issue of homelessness and hampering attempts to reduce its occurrence. Author Neil Larry Shumsky, PhD, also postulates that the treatment of homelessness in England before the colonization of North America laid the foundation of pervasive American attitudes and practices.

Homeland Security, Its Law And Its State

RRP $336.99

The book provides a comprehensive assessment of US domestic counterterrorism policy since 2001. It sets out the importance of developments of counterterrorism policy and their effects on political organisation beyond the realm of security. Drawing on state theory of Nicos Poulantzas and Bob Jessop which views the state as a social relation the book advances a novel way of conceptualising the interrelations among law, the state, and society. Here law is seen as a social relation, and its content as a codification of social dynamics as they are mediated by both state and legal institutions. Therefore law can at any given time provide important indications regarding the nature of the state, its relation to the population, and the strategic interventions it attempts in the field of social dynamics. The book investigates the institutional restructuring involved in the advent of homeland security. It considers the introduction of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its relations with state and local governments, as well as assessing the relations between the Department and private business in the 'homeland security' context. The book then goes on to examine various parts of the counterterrorism legislation focusing on those elements which have been used outside of the sphere of counter-terrorism to exercise repression of wider political and economic actions. The book concludes that homeland security policy in the US has become a new terrain of social antagonism, involving significant reconfigurations of the law-form and the state-form which is entering a new phase of Authoritarian Statism. The book charts how the mechanisms introduced in the framework of security policy are seemingly providing the default mode for economic policy, with an emphasis on full authorisation and extreme concentration of power at the upper echelons of the executive, resurgence of protectionism within national borders and the decline of international regimes of governance.


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